What is a Copywriter?

A Copywriter Can Wear Many Hats

When I tell people that I am a freelance copywriter, some people give me a questionable expression. I tell people to think of a favorite ad that they recently viewed or maybe heard on a radio, and it’s the advertising copywriter who wrote the words to that ad.

Whether it’s a slogan, print ad, radio or television commercial script, billboard, or brochures, catalogs, and other sales literature, it’s the copywriter whose job is to entice the consumer through the written word. Some examples are:

“Coke is the Real Thing” for Coca-Cola
“Just Do It” for Nike
“Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand” for M & M Chocolates

A copywriter is a creative sales writer who usually works under tight deadlines who put words together to promote a business, product, person, idea or opinion with the intention of having the reader take some form of action.

There Are Several Types of Copywriters:

It’s endless the areas that copywriters work. Take a look at all of our Copywriting Services.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the words used in advertisements, TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, brochures and other advertising media. Whenever a firm promotes itself through a press release, a leaflet, a media kit or a newsletter it needs a copywriter. Direct response copywriters are sales writers who write persuasive sales letters and other marketing pieces to a target audience to get them to buy. Through online marketing, business owners hire copywriters to write their persuasive web content and landing pages, to sell their products and services. SEO copywriters use specific keywords and links within the web content so that the web pages will be picked up by the search engines.

Benefits of Hiring a Sales Copywriter:

  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Marketing Results
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Build Credibility
  • Target Market Sales

Who needs Copywriters?

Every business, small and large, who wants to sell their products or services will need a good copywriter to help them do it. Every company and organization needs leaflets, direct e-mail or sales letters or web pages to sell their products and to entice the reader to buy. All organizations, hospitals, government, non-profits will need the sales expertise of an experienced copywriter.

Copywriting vs. Copyright:

Copywriting is different from copyright. When I tell people that I am a Copywriter, they confuse it with Copyright. Copyright is similar to putting a patent on a new product or idea. Copyright means owning the exclusive rights to a book, play, song, article, picture, or product.